IKON - A Visual Language

IKON is an easy, structured, intuitive, international and transcultural visual language.

IKON Mobile App

One of the first implementations of IKON will be our mobile chat application, allowing people to communicate via fully structured iconic sentences.

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Domains of use

Our solutions are useful in the areas of language learning, augmentative communication and humanitarian crisis support, among others.

Communicating through icons

More and more visual interfaces, newspapers, ads communicate with icons, substituting some words with some icons.  But we take it further, Komunikon team works with a new intuitive, international and precise language (IKON) to help people reducing communication barriers.

In a variety of situations we may have the need or the will to communicate through icons: e.g. two children playing online without a common language, or two friends that have a common language but love to use icons and Emoji, or in international places.



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