Improving communication through iconic languages


KomunIKON develops and implements a graphical communication system named IKON and its applications in different markets.

IKON /ee-kon/ - a new visual language

IKON is an easy, intuitive, international and transcultural visual language. It is a structured system of graphical communication that combines icons and linguistics.
By being fun and creative, IKON has applications in different fields, from communication technology to graphic design, education, product merchandise and humanitarian crisis support.

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KomunIKON develops and implements a graphical communication system named IKON and its applications in different markets.

IKON Language

IKON is a complete language - a tool of visual communication. It fully features linguistic structure, precise meaning and it is designed to build whole sentences!

Our philosophy

Our vision: Improving communication through iconic languages
Our mission: Develop a complete visual language of icons to improve communication between people, beyond linguistic barriers
Our slogan: Say it in icons!
Our values: Respect, open and constructive communication, playfulness, passion, perseverance, multiculturality, lateral thinking


Through our chat you can have a one-on-one communication using only icons. At the same time, you have the option to keep the word-by-word translation in one of the available languages, in order to facilitate the understanding.

Communicating through icons

More and more visual interfaces, newspapers and ads communicate with icons, substituting some words with some icons. But we take it further, KomunIKON team works with a new intuitive, international and precise language (IKON) to help people reducing communication barriers.

In a variety of situations we may have the need or the will to communicate through icons: e.g. two children playing online without a common language, or two friends that have a common language but love to use icons, or a company that needs to communicate complex meanings with icons.

Sample sentences

This is an example of our icons and how we can build precise grammatical sentences with them.

KomunIKON icon with meaning I / Me
KomunIKON icon with meaning Love
KomunIKON icon with meaning Listen
to listen to
KomunIKON icon with meaning Music
KomunIKON icon with meaning I / Me
KomunIKON icon with meaning Send
KomunIKON icon with meaning To
KomunIKON icon with meaning You
KomunIKON icon with meaning Many
KomunIKON icon with meaning Kisses

Our Story

Many years ago, Cesco Reale, an avid language learner (speaking over 10 languages), found on the internet a PhD thesis about visual languages. He had never heard about visual languages: it was a revelation! He began to study the history of visual languages and realised that in a world of increasing visual communication a framework to express anything through icons was missing. For this reason he had the idea to create an international iconic language: IKON.
He talked about the idea to his good friend and archaelogy student Marwan Kilani. Marwan's obsession for ancient hieroglyphs gave great contributions to the linguistic ideas.
Cesco went on and, drawing from his multilingual knowhow, began to create this visual language and started an immersive visual communication journey.
The project remained more or less dormant during several years, until ...
Fast forward to today, the KomunIKON team has grown to over 20 people, and it can help institutions, companies and creators to tell their stories through icons.

Our International Team of Experts

We work with an international team of experts that has been assembled by the project founder Cesco Reale.
It consists of linguists, developers, designers and business experts that all bring their superpowers to a shared cause of building a visual language for international communication.