Language FunFest

KomunIKON will be a part of the Language FunFest. Language FunFest will run from December 1-3, 2023. This event is entirely virtual, so everyone will be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Our Chief Linguist Laura Meloni will represent KomunIKON at this fun language - learning summit. She will also take responsibility for entertaining the participants with the ‘Ludikon - guess the meaning of the ikon’ game with her colleagues Andriana and Dina.

The mission of the event is to help language learners beat burnout and re-ignite the joy in learning languages.

Fun looks different to everyone, which is why there will be hosting a variety of different activities, including art, meditation, games, music and MORE, led by amazing language leaders. There will be access to a private Facebook community of language learners like everyone who already loves learning new languages! This is where everyone can connect with the leaders and other attendees before and during the event!

Instead of covering tips and strategies for language-learning, this summit is about helping everyone EXPERIENCE what life is like in another language.