SciLang 2022

SciLang: Holistic integration of languages into science and science into languages took place on Friday 8th July at the Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.

The SciLang conference aims to promote a more holistic approach to languages and science for scientists interested in languages and linguists interested in science. This was done by a lot of discussions about highlighting the complementary of languages and science, showing how to learn languages and science, and discussing the customized, holistic methods of combining science with modern languages.

These discussions were run by lot of speakers included our project founder Cesco Reale.

He had a 30-minute introduction about the project KomunIKON, after which we played our well-known Ludikon game.

Our linguist team member Laura showed around 10 icons where the contestants had to guess their meaning. She also showed two iconic sentences with more icons.

At the same time, our strategy team member Andriana counted the points of the right answers from the contestants.

What impresses us the most is the positive feedback we receive every time we play this game. It seems fun and instructive for every contestant and we are happy to present it more in the future.