KomunIKON at the Emoji Workshop 2021

KomunIKON was invited to present a talk and to participate in a panel at the Emoji Workshop 2021. Here you can find the presentation of the talk.

An iconic language, beyond Emoji: the KomunIKON project.

(Cesco Reale, KomunIKON)

The KomunIKON project (www.komunikon.com) is developing an iconic language to translate potentially any sentence into a sequence of icons. The KomunIKON team, made of linguists, hyperpolyglots, graphic designers, computer scientists, etc. has created a grammatical and graphical framework through which it is possible to use new and old icons in a structured way. Concepts such as contrastive icons, process icons, hyperonymic icons, grammar iconemes, timeline, semantic compositionality will be discussed. Transcultural and translinguistic issues are taken into account. The iconometer, developed by the Univ. of Geneva, is used to test the perceived meanings of icons and this tool was also gamified into an icon guessing quiz.

Cesco Reale is a voice engineer with IPA certificate and a reknown hyperpolyglot, representative at the United Nations of the World Esperanto Association, and founder of www.komunikon.com. He gives talks in conferences and universities about language learning and the history of visual languages, and he is chair of the session "Visual languages: from sign to meaning" at the DUXU 2021. In his Youtube channel he created a playlist about visual languages.